Wendy Arnold - 'Segue'


Balmainspace is excited to showcase local artist, Wendy Arnold who brings her many segues in life to her art.

In the 80’s and 90’s Wendy Arnold was one of the three owners and designers behind the highly successful fashion label Studibaker Hawk

Worn by rock stars and debutantes alike, and sold in Harrods of London, and retailers in New York, they took the local fashion industry by storm and there seemed no end to their meteoric rise.

Arnold’s Fine Art background was the driving force behind the wildly individual signature prints, which were instantly recognisable as Studibaker originals of this street couture label.

At the age of 40, however, true to a promise she had made 13 years before… she hung up her tape measure and left the fashion industry behind to return to a career in Fine Art. Taking a studio space in Rozelle with a large group of practising artists, she threw herself back into painting and printmaking.

The adornment of the female figure remains a constant in her work, almost a tribute to her years in the fashion industry. Arnold’s appropriation of Asian imagery and textile design is a consistently strong element of her work, often coloured with historical reference and popular culture resulting in a eclectic combination of the past, cultural diversity and pop imagery.

The figures seem barely contained within the confines of the canvas. Birds and flowers interweave with gold leaf and the rich patterning to create an evocative combination of the nearly nude and demurely concealed.

Artist statement:

“I’ve been up to lots of things in my life,,,,, and I’ve segued many times.

Funny word really but segue just means a smooth transition from one point to another.

I can knit, I can sew, and I’m dangerously good with a hammer. But it is with the practise of painting, I have found myself in the right spot. In this last year I have allowed myself to paint many different things .. …..a bit like smelling the roses a nice way to be.”

balmainspace invites you to join us on Friday the 17th of August from 6-8pm for the opening night of Wendy’s stunning exhibition.  If you can’t make the opening night, then please come by during the week between 9am and 6pm (other times by appointment). This exhibition runs from Friday 17th August until Wednesday 5th September.