Jordan Robins - 'Above, Below & Somewhere In Between'

Jordan Robins is a 24-year old award-winning ocean wildlife and ocean art photographer based in Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. With a background in biological science he has a wealth of knowledge and great appreciation of the marine environment in which he is photographing in. 

Jordan specialises in shooting ‘over under’ underwater images, which has gained him recognition Australia wide and internationally. An ‘over under’ is a type of underwater photo where you can see above and below the water, which is captured in a single exposure. 

A series of Jordan’s ‘over under’ images recently awarded him the prestige title of Australian Photography Magazines 2017 Photographer of the year. Jordan’s favourite time to shoot is on sunrise and sunset, capturing atmospheric skies paired with the marine life that is lurking below the water’s surface. 

Jordan hopes that his photography inspires others and helps to raise awareness of the marine environment and how fragile it is, so that it is there for future generations to enjoy as much as he does. 

Jordan’s exhibition “Above Below & Somewhere In-between” is a unique collection of some of his favourite ocean images, which have captured the natural beauty of the marine world as Jordan sees it through the lens of his camera. All of the images being exhibited have been captured on the east coast of Australia including his home town of Jervis Bay, Lord Howe Island and on the Great Barrier Reef. 

balmainspace invites you to join us on Thursday the 26th of July from 6-8pm for the opening night of his exhibition, as we celebrate this vivid body of work amongst friends and art lovers. All of the commission from sales will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

If you can’t make the opening night, then please come by during the week between 9am and 6pm (other times by appointment). This exhibition runs from Thursday 26th July until Wednesday 15th August.