Kirana Haag - 'Familiar stories'

balmainspace invites you to a second exhibition by German artist, Kirana Haag.

Kirana moved to Australia in 1996 where she became a full-time artist based in Sydney. This exhibition captures some of the beauty and personal pain of childhood memories, relationships, love and loss.

Artist’s statement:  

Four years ago, my father passed away and I was fortunate enough to be able to “carry” his drawing table back home with me, the drawing table that used to be my grandfather’s, on my mother’s side.

This professional drawing table is now my studio table; it is probably around 100 years old. It is built of solid wood, it is unbelievably heavy, and you can adjust it on any angle you like. It is nearly like a massive easel (just never try to carry it!). I absolutely love it and it means lots to me. Most of my artworks are created on this table and all my students create their works on it.

Over these last months I could suddenly see this exhibition, my “familiar stories” grow on this paper. There were parts, I needed to keep, had to cut out, paint into it, draw into it, to strengthen and to tell their story. These parts became alive, they were “jumping” at me, not leaving me alone. I dreamed of them, having to tell their story, my story, through these works.

This exhibition is ta part of my story, it talks through color and marks.

Kirana has exhibited here in Australia, as well as overseas, in several solo and group shows, as well as a finalist in multiple art awards.

The exhibition will run from the 8th November to the 28th November 2018. You are also most welcome to view Kirana’s work during the week between 9am and 6pm (other times by appointment).

Peter Porteous - 'The Nude'

Balmainspace is excited to showcase Sydney artist, Peter Porteous’ exploration of the nude on paper and canvas.

Peter was born in Sydney and has lived there for most of his life. He is a full-time artist and writer. Previously he has been a solider, an educator and is now a casual university academic. His work is in collections in Australia, Europe and the United States. 

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Kirana Haag - 'We can easily step into another world'

balmainspace invites you to a special exhibition by German artist, Kirana Haag. Kirana moved to Australia in 1996 where she became a full-time artist based in Sydney.  In 2018, Kirana spent two months on a remote Greek Island which is the source of inspiration for her current exhibition.

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Zimmi Forest - 'Conversations with the Sun'

Exhibiting in balmainspace this June is Byron Bay weaver Zimmi Forest. Zimmi’s works utilizes the earth’s natural resources in order to create beautiful sculptures, jewellery and baskets. With an emphasis on weaving, Zimmi showcases the versatility of raw materials and conveys her passion for sustainability and the environment.

Her process is holistic and labour intensive. Zimmi processes, weaves/constructs and on most occasions installs her own work. Her skills are based in basketry, carpentry, floristry, ceramics and welding.

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Zoe Abicht - 'Synthesia'

Zoe’s work is based on her experiences of creativity in reaction to emotion and the world seen through the eyes of a 14 year old. This three week exhibition features 12 pieces and a feature wall documenting her recent travels to Europe.

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Fleur Stevenson - Exhibition Opening

Local emerging artist Fleur Stevenson’s latest body of work is inspired by her recent move to and discoveries of the inner west. The series is a continuation of her exploration in constructing new built environments. Fleur’s works are created by giving form, texture and detail to the shapes of negative spaces between permanent and temporary objects to build up a new urban environment.

Fleur’s paintings are acrylic and spray paint on board and hand framed by the artist using ethically sourced hardwood.

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Jessika Steiner - 'Out of the Flow'

Exhibiting in balmainspace this April is New Caledonian born artist Jessika Steiner. Growing up in New Caledonia, Jessika lived on her Swiss father’s hand-built yacht, before later moving to the Hawkesbury River. Many of her aquatic childhood memories are translated through the use of mixed media, painting and sculpture and through the use of repurposed materials. Audiences are delighted by Jessika’s playful non-figurative works, as they encourage an individual interpretation and require an active imagination.

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Mikas Emil - 'Arabian Sea'

Exhibiting in balmainspace this March is Copenhagen artist Mikas Emil. In his first Australian exhibition, ‘Arabian Sea’, Emil captures evocative seascapes in a new and exciting manner, inspired from his recent return journey from the Middle East to Madagascar on board an oil tanker. Emil has been heralded as a new and forward thinking Danish artist through his ability to intertwine traditional drawing styles with modern technologies.

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Robert Kench - 'Send in the Clowns'

Exhibiting in balmainspace this November is local artist Robert Kench. In his exhibition, ‘Send in the Clowns’, Kench captures the vivid playfulness of the circus, with an emphasis on one of the integral stars of the show: the clown. Depicting his subjects with vibrant colour and brisk brushstrokes, Kench successfully evokes the merriment of the clowns and invites the audience to step into his dreamlike scenes of excitement and adventure.

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Marie Larraine Weir

'Out of the dark' Exhibition by Marie Larraine Weir.

Works inspired from Cockatoo Island, Darwin's secret WWII Fuel Tunnels and Waverton Coal Loader.

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Robyn Chantal

Shaped by both triumph and tragedy, her sculptures capture the dynamic elements of a woman through various facets of life. Sculpting with mediums such as stainless steel and resin allows Robyn to create smooth and delicate finishes, inviting the audience to lean in and appreciate the beauty of the human figure.

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Robert Cameriere Photography

BalmainSpace welcomes a teaser from Rob's 'From 4000 Feet' series where two beautiful 1440x1040mm framed works are hung majestically beside the window of the architecture office. The pictures are captivating and inspiring. Come on down to the office, take a minute to stand in silence and just absorb the beauty of them.

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